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The Prophets Childhood

As night began to cast its shadows on Makkah amidst comprehensive stillness only broken by the sounds of night birds or remote sounds of barking dogs that echoed as if coming from the desert, and moon was almost full, a group of men appeared and sat near the Ka'ba

Among this group was a dignified old man who showed signs of confusion on his face as if he was expecting some great event.

All those who were present noticed the confusion on 'Abdul-Muttalibs face, and one of them asked with curiosity:

- O master of Quraysh! Whats the matter with you? You seem absent minded as if youre expecting a serious matter

'Abdul-Muttalib answered briefly without turning his eyes away from the Ka'bah

-  Yes, Zuhayr Aaminah is expecting a baby tonight

-  Aaminah, the wife of your son 'Abdullaah?!

-  Yes, this baby will come to life without seeing his father!!

- Take it easy, 'Abdul-Muttalib. Maybe you can make up for the absence of his father 'Abdullaah!!

- 'Abdullaah died a few months ago on his way back from a trade journey to Levant. He was buried in Madeenah in the premises of his uncles of Bani An-Najjaar tribe.

Suddenly, one of the men stood up and said pointing to a woman coming from the direction of some houses in the vicinity:

- Look, fatherthis is my maid, Thuwaybah, coming towards us.

- I hope shes bring good news for us.

'Abdul-Muttalib stood up leaning on his stick as if to rush the girl to tell the good news. The maid approached the gathering and said in a gasping voice:

- My master! Good news for you, my lady Aaminah gave birth to a beautiful boy the like of whom Ive never seen in my life.

'Abdul-Muttalib shouted in overwhelming happiness:

-  Is that true, Thuwaybah?!

Then he turned to his son, and said whilst holding him with both hands in excitement:

- Lets go, Abu Lahablets go to Aaminah, how I long to see 'Abdullaahs son!!

Abu Lahab looked at Thuwaybah and called out happily:

-  You came with great news today from this moment youre free, Thuwaybah

'Abdul-Muttalib sat silent and listened to Aaminah in amazement and wonder:

- Since I bore this blessed boy inside me I never felt any weariness till I gave birth to him. When he was born a light came out with him that filled between the east and the west.

- 'Abdul-Muttalib kept staring baffled as if he doesnt believe anything of what hes hearing. He heard Thuwaybahs voice saying:

- The light filled everything around us, there was nothing I saw in the house but light.

'Abdul-Muttalib repeated as if talking to himself:

- How strange!!... This son of mine will have a great position in the futureI will call him Mohammad (it means the praised).

Aaminah said wondering:

-Mohammad?! This name is not common among the Arabs!!

'Abdul-Muttalib nodded in agreement and said:

- I wish that Allaah Almighty would praise him in the heaven, and His creatures would praise him on the earth.

Arabs used to send their babies to the desert with foster mothers to grow up having strong bodies and fluent tongues.

Foster mothers used to come from desert to Makkah to take infant babies with them home. A group of women from Bani Sad tribe came and Haleemah came among them mounting a feeble ass and with her a slim goat that almost bore no milk. When they arrived to Makkah, they were offered to take Mohammad but every woman would leave him when she knows that hes an orphan. At the end of the day every one had picked an infant except Haleemah. When she found no one but this child, she told her husband, Al-Haarith Ibn 'Adbul-'Uzzaa:

-  I swear I do not like to return with my friends without a baby. Ill go to that orphan child and take him.

He, helplessly, said: take him; Perhaps Allaah makes him a blessing for us.

She took him and returned to her husband. When they left to go back home, her weak, feeble donkey overran all the others. Her friends looked at her in amazement and said:

- What is this Haleemah? Is this your donkey that you set out on with us?!

When her husband went to their she-camel to milk it, it was full of milk and everyone drank till they quenched their thirst.

Her husband said amazedly:

- By Allaah, Haleemah, I think you took a blessed boy. Dont you see the good and blessings that covered us tonight since we took him?

Mohammad (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) lived in Bani Sad for about four years. His presence among them brought many blessings to them. Afterwards, he returned to Makkah to live for a few months by his mothers side as if to bid her farewell before she leaves this life.

Haleemah went to Makkah to give Mohammad back to his mother. Aaminah was so surprised when Haleemah entered with Mohammad. She looked at her wondering and said:

-  What happened, Haleemah? You insisted that Mohammad should stay with you and now you bring him back suddenly?! There must be a secret   behind this!!

Haleemah said calmly:

- Nothing wrong, my lady. Here is Mohammad before you healthy and in his best condition. 

Aaminah asked her without hiding her curiosity and concern:

- What happened?! Tell me, Haleemah!

Haleemah said while looking with love and tenderness at Mohammad:

-  Actually, something weird happened to Mohammad that made me hurry to bring him back.

Aaminah looked at her astonished, and Haleemah continued:

-  I was sitting with my husband Al-Haarith and suddenly my son 'Abdullaah entered screaming:

- Help my brother Help Mohammad!!

When we asked him what happened, he said that he saw two men in white clothes. They took Mohammad, laid him on the ground, opened his chest then took something out of it; they removed something and threw it away then they put everything back again.

Haleemah looked at Aaminah to see the effect of her words on her, but she saw no sign of fear or concern so she went on calmly saying:

-  I hurried with my husband immediately to Mohammad. His face had become pale due to fear and panic so we tried to make him calm and ease his terror until he was reassured. Then we thought we must give him back to you because were worried about his safety and fear he may be harmed.

Aaminah came closer to Mohammad and hugged him with love and kindness saying:

- I swear that this son of mine is blessed. I saw in him signs and good things that fill my soul with security and tranquility about him.

Haleemah left to return to her people after taking Mohammad back to his mothers warmth.

When Mohammad turned six, his mother Aaminah wanted to take him with her to visit his uncles in Bani An-Najjaar in Madeenah. Mohammad was overwhelmed with happiness feeling his mothers tenderness, love for him and kindness to him. He didnt leave her for a second along this hard journey across the endless lonesome desert until they reached Bani An-Najjaar area where his uncles welcomed them with all warmth and hospitality.

Their days in Madeenah were over, so Aaminah decided to return to Makkah but she died on her way back and was buried in Al-Abwaa, near Madeenah.

Mohammad went back lonely to Makkah after losing his mother. He was crying with pain for losing her and his heart was filled with sadness and grief.

'Abdul-Muttalib, Mohammads grandfather, wanted to relieve the painful loneliness and absence of his father and mother. So he engulfed him with his love and care to mitigate the loss of his parents by love and tenderness.

Mohammad became attached to his grandfather so much that he almost never left him even in his gatherings with the dignitaries of his tribe and the meetings of Quraysh.

But the days were hiding new sadness to Mohammad. No sooner did his grandfather 'Abdul-Muttalib died than Mohammad's, who was no more than eight years old, anguish and sadness found its way to his heart again.

After the death of 'Abdul-Muttalib, Mohammad moved to live with his uncle, Abu Taalib. Abu Taalib, although he was poor, he preferred Mohammad to all his children. He dedicated most of his love and care for him. Mohammad found with his uncle what mitigated the loss of his grandfathers tenderness, kindness and mercy.

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