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The Queen and the Wicked Insect(A story About Cooperation)

One day, a group of bees assembled and agreed to build a beautiful house to live in. The group of bees cooperated with one another and built the house which was beautiful and neat. The bees were very happy with their new house.

Bee 1:Praise be to Allaah! We have built the new house.

Bee 2:Let’s play! Let’s have fun! Let’s fly around the house!

Bee 3:It’s a beautiful house!

Bees: Ha ha.. ha ha.. ha ha..

The Queen bee: Let's play and sing for the new house.

My house.. is the best!

My house.. in it I rest!

Enough fun! Now it’s time to work. I shall divide you into three groups: The first group will guard the house, the second will clean it, and the third will go and collect nectar from the flowers.

The bees singing: Come to work! Come to work!

Chief guard: Be watchful, bees. We are supposed to be guards.

Bee: We are.  

Chief guard: My Lord! What is this? A huge insect is standing at the entrance of the hive. It is coming toward us and it is beating the guards. It is killing every bee that comes near it. I shall go and tell the Queen bee.

Chief guard: My Lady! My Lady! Queen: Who’s calling? Chief guard: It’s me, the chief guard!  

Queen: Why have you left your work? Chief guard: My Lady! My Lady! Queen: What has happened? Speak up! Chief guard (disturbed): A huge insect has attacked our house and killed some of the guards.

Queen: What a wicked insect! I shall go and order it to leave!

Queen: Get out of her, you wicked insect! Get out!

Insect: Ha ha.. ha ha.. I shall not get out of here. This is a beautiful, clean, and tidy house, which contains all the food and drink I need. Ha ha.. (mocking) find another house for yourselves!

Queen: You are a wicked insect and your strength will not benefit you.

The wicked insect (laughing): Ha ha.. ha ha.. ha ha..

The Queen bee called for an urgent meeting of all members of the hive.

Minister: My Lady! All members of the hive are present.

Queen: Well.. my brothers and sisters.. I have invited you to this meeting to consult you concerning the wicked insect that has entered our house, killed some of your sisters, and settled in the room where honey is collected. It refuses to leave and will eat our food and drink!

Bee 1: Woe to this wicked insect!

Bee 2: Woe to it! I shall kill it!

Queen: Wait.. wait! It is very strong and one bee or even one group of bees will not overcome it.

Bee 3: Does this mean that we shall have to leave our house?!

Queen: No.. no.. no..

The only choice we have is to kill this wicked insect. I have prepared a plan for that. All of us will meet together at the room where honey is collected in the evening after the wicked insect goes to sleep. We shall then start attacking it all at the same time and from all directions: front, back, right, and left. With Allaah's help and then with our cooperation we shall win, Allaah willing.

Members of the hive: We shall win, we shall win, Allaah willing!

In the evening the attack started.

Bee 1: It is time now.. we are ready, Queen.

Queen: Commander of group one!

Commander of group one: At your command, my Lady!

Queen: Start the attack in the name of Allaah.

(Sound of fighting)  

Queen: (The queen’s voice mixed with the sound of fighting) Beat! Beat strongly!

Bee 1: Take that! You wicked insect!

Bee 2: A sting on your head!

Bee 3: A sting on your chest!

Bee 1: Take that!   

Insect: Ah! Ah! Ah! My belly! My arm! My head! My leg! Ah! I am dying.. I am dying!

Queen: Stop fighting! We have killed the wicked insect with Allaah’s help.

Members of the hive: Praise be to Allaah! Our beloved house is ours again, and we shall always preserve it, Allaah willing.


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