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The Escaping Bubbles!

Air Is Always With Us:

Although we do not see the air, it is present with us everywhere. It is vital to the continuity of life on earth. Without air, man cannot breathe or live, and neither can plants and animals. Air is a mixture of different gases; each one of them has its own characteristics and functions in the universe.

Air Components:

Air consists of nitrogen, oxygen, and other gases. Air covers the whole atmosphere and it decreases as we go farther away from the earth’s atmosphere until it completely vanishes. So, the spaceships that man uses to leave the atmosphere are provided with oxygen cylinders for breathing.

The Experiment of the Escaping Bubbles:

Get a big plastic plate and an empty bottle, then fill the plate with water and immerse the empty bottle into it

What do you observe?

The bottle will start to fill with water. When the water enters, it drives air out of the bottle and it gets out in the form of bubbles, one after the other.

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